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What makes me who I am as a specialist in Window Treatment Designs stems from a lifelong appreciation of Interior Design, Fabrics, Textures, Spaces, and Architecture. As a child I knew I was drawn to spatial arrangements and initiated at a youthful age reconstructing most spaces in which I lived. Later I began to understand how the spaces we are drawn to are mere reflections of who we are and that which generates emotional excitement from within. As humans, we are creatures of habit, and I realized while it is inspiring to try new designs, we all have a comfort level near and dear to us, drawing us back time and again.

It was clear to me that with my talent and vision I could push and pull a room in any direction a client may choose, and I quickly understood the ambiance that evokes the personal relationship a client has to the space in which they live and dwell. I marvel at creating a mood , either one that is tranquil, or inviting, or cozy, glamorous, or breathtaking. Realizing that all rooms have windows it became a passion to bring the outside views into a room, and conversely offer interior design that resists the view and allows the eyes to rest on the beautiful window covering designs I create.

Perusing fabrics that highlight color and texture, along with a keen memory of product offerings assures my clientele they are working with a woman at the cutting edge of her industry. Discriminating in fabrics and choices, be it woven shades, wood grain, grass textures, or decorative hardware, the ultimate selection will resonate beauty and a careful balance of components. That's what I doÉI do this effortlessly and with conviction moving along the design from inception to completion.

My niche in this industry is the gift I give to each client. From me they will quickly feel the enthusiasm I embody with each new project. Set in motion during the initial meeting to discuss Window Treatment options, I greet my clients with open minded ideas and engage them in the ultimate plan that will capture the essence of their space. Together we have blended and crafted the exact balance the windows need to complete a room. If I've done my job thoroughly my clients will revel a design that speaks of them.

The experiences keep getting better. Each day I find myself loving the career in which I can say I'm home.

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