It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.

CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS Residential and Commercial

Fiber of Inuwindows... Finding a comfortable fit

Window Treatments and Blue Jeans, each defines us as soon as we have them and wear them.  No two pair is alike, the fibers are different and so is the fit. The styles we admire, the textures we embrace and touch, the way a special fabric sways and moves, a punch of color as prominent and bold, or as soft and worn as aged fabric, we selectively drift to what becomes our own personal statement.  Comfort is a fit that we know right when we see it.

As a Window Treatment designer I’m asked to choose the event and setting to dress windows. We opt to wear different colors and shapes to make our statement. Window fabrics dress up well when bejeweled with trims or simplify tailoring in a more casual or conservative setting, always making a statement in their space. While sometimes a clean line may be required, oftentimes relaxed and easy is what we prefer. I like to design with my clients’ lifestyles in mind, selecting and interpreting a room’s design much the same as we choose a style in jeans we prefer. When a brand fits well, go with it. When the cut works well, go with it. We like a designer for certain reasons, we like the vision they pronounce, and we buy their products because the comfort level resonates within us.

I design with a certain characteristic trademark. When my client says that their finished Window Treatments complement them completely I consider my role in their design process a success.