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CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS Residential and Commercial


Standout Color Trends

  • Tangelo orange continues to have a strong presence, while the color is also trending in newer tones, including terracotta, coral, and warm clay.
  • Blue stands out in deep, vibrant shades ranging from indigo to watery turquoise.
  • Plummy tones range from soft lilac and violet to robust tones of wine and burgundy, which are in line with Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala.
  • Red maintains its position as a hands-down style favorite, despite the hype around Marsala.
  • Copper is this season’s standout metallic, with a natural earthiness that conveys warmth, with an edge of modern luster. 
  • Silver remains a classic, although gold’s growth as a new staple has not slowed down.

Design Trends

Natural Balance – Natural colors have been drawing the most attention over the past few seasons due to the authentic colors that nature creates and inspires. With designers focusing on nature as the inspiration behind their design concepts and color palettes, words like “authenticity”, “comfort”, and “tranquility” come to mind.  This is a theme we expect to see continue into upcoming seasons.

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Don't get left out in the cold...

Do you wish you wouldn't feel the draft and cold from extreme temperatures in the winter weather? If you could, would you desire custom hardwood shutters or heavily lined and insulated draperies?

What is your wish? Would you like to make a room dark and sumptuous and sleep comfortably or would you prefer to allow light to infuse your rooms in a controlled fashion? If energy conservation is the goal, how about savvy new fabrics that serve as insulators?

Vendors such as Hunter Douglas offer many levels of products to control and focus the light. A simple phone call or email to me at Inuwindows will begin your design experience. Feel free to check out my vendors.

Connect with me now while the cold weather is staying for a while. Better yet, now is the right time to plan ahead with visions of Spring and Summer and start a project that will complete in time for warmer vistas outside.

See below for more information on how to keep out the cold.

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Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Treatments


The opportunity to create warmth and control sun, heat, glare, cold, and drafts is of concern when selecting custom window treatments. The attached article addressing appropriate selections for your treatment needs explains the benefits of many different options.

What has been your experience in the past and what, as a consumer, would you like to see in the future?  Additionally, different regions in the country have specific requirements in which to successfully cover their windows.